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whether the tea bags can reuse?
Click:3005 Date:2008-11-18 15:08:12

【 from the food industry nets 】 this autumn days without the rain, ’dry air fresh‘ sat in the office often thirsty, a stretched out on the neck.A day of dinner all feel dining room teacher food salty. The old tea people suggested that, this season should drink oolong, tieguanyin tea, oolong tea, oolong tea neither red  nor green, neither cold nor hot, solid this JiRun mouth taste. For this, he also sent me a few box generous oolong tea, with green gray small package wrapped up, delicate and love it dearly. Delicate be delicate, I always feel like celebrating this metal paper defiled fujian tea culture in thousands, and each bubble is over at tea floating in the bucket bag, feeling  guilt.Think that they throw in where sorry of earth. What is more metal paper plus a layer of the golden yellow or red flannel, the unpacking a layer of true holster, leng to the mountains, the pure natural plain sister, dressed as a woman just calculate brothel owners were threatened to give it. Don't remember when to begin, we start the tea with gold, our tea began to use the metal paper points "bubble", just remember my childhood drink tea, tea in the big iron container, as the time made their own wine. The small endowment emotional appeal is "the forest department", the tea to the stores, the counter with fat aunt said as Chinese medicine, the shop is two layer linen paper, took out a small scale, said to hemp the pack, is the red rope, all in one take action. Now, I think that time need not what Copenhagen a convention, need not everyday street propaganda energy conservation and environmental protection, everyone has to voluntarily with the most advantageous to the human virtues. Heard it is the country's some children, like the smell of tea fragrant wrapping paper, also heard that this layer of paper, the shop is on the face is health care efficacy. In fact now is of the need for good tea, tea also want to use red green paper bag packaging celebrating, for the sake of good things from god our respect and the identity of the more noble the more plain dress, and only those who ZhongBuLiu tea, need to wear a layer

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